Your first step, if you are in financial trouble, is to contact your mortgage lender.Your lender may be able to
  • Modify your mortgage terms for lower payments by extending the length of the loan
  • Reduce your mortgage interest rate
  • Temporarily suspend payments
  • Allow missed payments to be paid back over time
  • Decrease your total mortgage amount
  • If you cannot keep up with your bills contact the Consumer Credit Counseling Service or the National Foundation for Credit Counseling. Groups like CCCS help people with debt management. They may be able to arrange a plan with your creditors to lower monthly payments and save a dire financial spiral. Organizations that work with consumers to manage debt usually charge a small monthly fee, but only if there is capacity to pay. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service of West Florida can be reached directly at (850) 314-9888 and is located at 913 N. Beal Pkwy, Ste H, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547.


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