“Wendy and her staff did an exceptional job in getting my house sold (short sale). The service offered was specialized and courteous. Notices and communication was timely and easy to understand. Consistency, constituency, consistency is how I best describe Wendy. She did not give up. On a personal level she supported me and calmed my fears and anxiety. To be able to give this kind of service reflects that Wendy enjoys what she does and is committed in doing ALL within her professional capability to make her clients satisfied. My recommendation is given freely and without hesitation to Wendy and her team to handle your real estate business”

Kay Cann, Navarre Florida

Positives of working with Wendy: Constant two-way communications, a simple and effective process, open and honest direction regarding the next steps Never over promised anything!

Wendy was the best during this difficult “short sale” process! That’s why she is the “Queen of Short Sales”! Bobby Qureshi, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Persistent, aggressive with marketing, priced perfectly!” Tony Mallini, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Wendy kept me in the loop – good communications. She is a very profesional, hard worker.” Jason Van, Destin, Florida

We were 100% satisfied with Wendy Rulnick and the Rulnick Realty team throughout the process of selling our home. We were regularly informed of the progress, and were given accurate advice on decision-making issues. Wendy and her staff were very educated and knowledgeable about the real estate laws and processes, as well as being completely professional and personable. The process of selling our home required minimal effort by us, went very smoothly, and was made very convenient. We will absolutely use Wendy Rulnick and Rulnick Realty for our future real estate sales and purchases. Thomas Mosley

Thank you Wendy! It was a pleasure having you and your staff representing us. We couldn’t have found a better company than yours! I realize it was less than a perfect scenario for Victoria and I (because of the market), but you treated us like GOLD VIP’s throughout the process, and we thank you for that. I will also pass your company name along to folks I know in the area or who are coming to the area from here. They would be well served to have your team working for them in their real estate ventures!! Ray & Vic, Destin Florida

"Wendy Rulnick has listed and sold my properties for over 10 years. In that time she has performed a great service to my business, at the highest professional standards. Wendy is an able manager, great communicator, and creative marketing representative. In addition, Wendy sets the standard for ethics and knowledge of the law as it applies to real estate transactions. Her firm has exclusively listed the property that our companies develop and build. She is our "go to" person for advertising, marketing and market analysis. Wendy brings all the best attributes to the table in a business deal, she's personable, generates great results, is creative and is a great value!! I make this recommendation without any reservations."

Top Qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity Felix Beukenkamp, Builder


Instilled confidence in client by professional attitude and conduct. Your practice of calling your client frequently on the phone assured us you were keeping our business in mind. Thanks for a job well done

. Charles Moody, Fort Walton Beach FL

Wendy Rulnick listed and sold our property in Crestview Florida. The sale was a short sale, this property was an investment property and we live out of state. Wendy was very attentive to our needs and very detail oriented. The property was sold quickly with no hassles.We also short sold another investment property in Florida, not through Wendy. There was a vast difference in the experiences. The other property we were required to bring $15,000 to the table, in the deal that Wendy negotiated we only had to bring $2000 to the table. I highly recommend Wendy if you are considering selling your home, especially if you need someone to help you through the short sale process, she is a true professional

Mary Beth, Crestview Florida

Wendy Rulnick

Rulnick Realty

Dear Wendy,

Talk about a pleasure to work with! You are the consummate professional. Your honor and integrity are unquestionable. You have the patience to persevere even in the face of adversity and difficult circumstances. Your compassion for the people you serve is a model for humanity especially in this current economic environment. You recognize what it means to be a beacon of light for many who are in dark places.

Thank you for your insatiable appetite for good will and for the effort you put forth in every situation to try to make it better. It’s easy to see why you are the top short sale specialist in Northwest Florida.

Sherry, Short Sale Lender Loan Servicer

“Thank you for your excellent work in marketing our property. Your attention, focus, and innovation are truly a hallmark of your work ethic. It's quite obvious, we made the best choice in going with you. Ted Giannoulas

Getting it done! Wendy’s marketing strategy, advice regarding price and condition, and her overall attention to detail got the job done in a tough market. Even though we were supported by a professional relocation company, we came to rely on Wendy – she’s simply fantastic. Kudos to the staff as well.

Wendy, Thanks so much for your help and successfully executing the short sale process for my home in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. At first, it seemed an impossible task but you held my hand every step of the way and saved me countless thousands of dollars and relieved me of a crippling financial situation. You remained persistent and professional with the bank even when I wanted to give up. Kudos to you and your team. Feel free to have anyone who is considering short sale as an option. I would be happy to share my experience with them.
Kindest Regards,
Cleveland Canova, Santa Rosa Beach home sold tel 513-226-5714

"Foremost: Honesty and Integrity!" Nancy Beukenkamp, Niceville FL

“Service!” Raymond Cline

Wendy and her staff always returned our calls, kept us updated! They are fantastic with communications. They were always very positive and thoughtful. The attitude from Wendy was always “When we sell your property” not “If we sell your property”. I wish we knew all of this before we used other agents in the past. Susan and Hans McMinamin, Destin FL

“Sold expeditiously and with old school work ethics!”

Terri North & Bob Bishop, Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Stayed on top of things. Very Professional. Steve Hill, Destin Florida

Wendy and her staff have great communication and follow through. Rob Smithwick


The communication between Wendy and myself was outstanding!

Dante Moricoli, Navarre Florida

“Wendy Rulnick did a thorough pre-listing market analysis, wonderful advertising, continual updates, and prompt response to any and all questions. We felt that our house was their #1 priority.

Lisa H. Mullins , Mary Esther Florida

“Very knowledgeable about local real estate pricing and brought examples to review with us before establishing a price for our home. As market conditions changed, kept us informed as to how it might impact the showing of our home. We had an offer on our home around the holidays. Wendy was going out of town, but continued to keep us informed of offers, even calling once from the airport. We really appreciated her professionalism and commitment to helping us sell our home. Excellent about returning phone calls and accessible. Excellent about keeping us informed as to the closing status.” Pamela Sutcliffe

Wendy, Your aggressiveness, follow-up and honesty were your assets in the quick sale of our home.... Not only did you work for us, you worked with us. Henry Poczobut

“Wendy’s services to me were excellent. She was organi zed, professional and very interested in my concerns. She kept me updated regularly and was most creative in selling my condo. I had tried to sell it four years ago with the agent who originally sold me my condo, without even a “nibble”. Wendy is also warm and personable. A five star real real estate agent! Mary Ellen Crowe

Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf. You really did a fantastic job -- and when I compare the results you got (showings and offers) to the previous year, I am truly amazed! Best of luck, and I hope the market turns around ... although you might be better off if it stays slow -- anybody can sell homes in a good market! Dave Hidinger, Niceville Florida

Dear Wendy, As your service as our agent comes to an end, we want to thank you for your work. Your efforts at selling our home and keeping us well informed of its progress is greatly appreciated. If you would like to use us as a reference in the future, please feel free to do so as we were very satisfied! Again, thank you for all you’ve done! Best regards always, David and Janice Danforth

Dear Wendy, Thank you so much for everything you did concerning the selling and closing of our house. You were so much help to us and we greatly appreciate it. Thanks again. Lori & Brad DuFaud

Wendy: It has been a sincere pleasure working with you. Chris and I really appreciate your patience and positive attitude. If we ever get the opportunity, we would love to treat you to dinner sometime.Thank you again and good luck in everything you do. Sincerely, Eric & Chris Bruner

Wendy: Thank you so much for your “above and beyond the line of duty” assistance. You are certainly a superb agent.

Ed Scholes Major General (Ret) U.S. Army

Dear Wendy: Clark and I want you to know how much we appreciate your efforts and those of your staff in selling our Beacon’s property. I know it wasn’t easy, but you persisted anyway. It was a pleasure to meet you, and we hope to meet you again. Sincerely, Patricia Grosvenor Seagrove Beach FL

“Wendy, I think you were just great— helpful, nice and very professional without being pushy or pressuring and also very patient. Thanks for everything. Elayne O’Donnell

Dear Wendy, Thank you very much for serving us so well. Your constant communication via e-mail, copies of ads, etc. let us know that you were truly working for us (and at 400 miles away, that is important!).Yours is only the real estate commission I have ever felt pleased to pay. Greg and Cara Masciana

Wendy and her staff went above and beyond in aiding us in the sale of our townhouse. We were very pleased with the way we were taken care of. We would recommend them to anyone!!!

Ken and Tammy Nocera

Dear Wendy, The fact that my referral resulted in a sale for you is no surprise. I only recommend the best. From the time we met, your efforts were tireless and your professionalism exceptional. You reassured me with proficient, reliable answers to my seemingly endless questions .As a seasoned professional, you conducted a thorough market analysis and paid diligent attention to prospective buyers, which resulted in a sale even more quickly than I had anticipated. It is my pleasure to recommend you to anyone searching for a qualified and motivated agent. Please accept my best wishes for your continued success. Elisabeth A. Caswell Thorough and complete with follow up and communication. Wendy treated this sale as though it was her only priority — Bravo from the seller's perspective! Pat Stark

To Whom It May Concern:

What can I say, except that if you are looking for a Realtor that understands what the real feelings and emotions are in selling your home, Wendy is the right person for you. I found her not only to be a very professional business person, but also a friend. She is very quick to respond to her client’s needs and never relents in her effort to sell your home in a professional manner. Her enthusiasm and vigor are outstanding and very refreshing. We both thank Wendy for doing, truly, an excellent job and for just being herself. We both wish her the very best in the future. Russ and Judy Robertson

“Wendy was a real pleasure to work with. She never made us feel rushed, pushed or pressured into a decision, and she let us call all the shots. She often asked what features we liked and disliked to help us find a home that would suit us.” Helen Perun

We used to compare real estate people to used car salesmen... they’d get us to sign on the dotted line and then take our money and run. And then we met Wendy Rulnick. She worked hard for us and aggressively advertised our home. We had no idea how long it would take for our home to sell, our home being in the higher price range. In fact, we had heard horror stories about homes that had been on the market well over a year! Much to our surprise, a deposit was put on our home just a little over two months from the date we first put it on the market. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity of working with Wendy Rulnick and would not hesitate to recommend her for any real estate dealings. Dennis and Anne-Marie Carlson

To Whom It May Concern: My husband and I were extremely happy with the services of our Realtor, Wendy Rulnick. Compared to stories my husband and I have heard from friends about the “push tactics” of some Realtors, we consider ourselves fortunate to have worked with Wendy. Buying our house was perhaps the biggest investment we’ll ever make. It really makes the important difference to have someone like Wendy, who we trust and truly like as a person, to be on our side. Sincerely, Dara B. Hall


To Whom It May Concern: Having had a number of bad experiences with Realtors, I unfairly approached Wendy with negative stereotype of a Realtor. However, Wendy was about to blow that Stereotype out of the water. What resulted was one of the most professional sales experiences I have ever encountered. When I first met Wendy, I was adamant about doing things my way. Ever the professional, she listened to my needs and she delivered. While I took Wendy on a wild goose chase that entailed looking at over 30 houses I had found in the local “Find A Home” publication, she copiously made notes of everything that I liked and didn’t like in a home. At the point where I had given up hope, I stubbornly gave control to Wendy. Within an hour of turning it over to Wendy, she faxed me nine MLS descriptions of homes. She told me to pay particular attention to the first three listings. As it turned out, the first listing she sent me was a house that met every single need that we had for a home. We put a contract on it the very next day. However, my experience with Wendy did not end there. Wendy’s professional follow-up sales skills are second to none. She called about a week after the closing to make sure we were getting settled in our new home. She sent us a beautiful plant the following week. It is this type of follow-up that demonstrates Wendy’s sincere dedication to the satisfaction and happiness of her clients. I would have expected any other Realtor to be well on to their next sale without a concern about our transaction, but not Wendy. To this day, Wendy and I continue to stay in touch. I wholeheartedly recognize Wendy as the best real estate professional that I have ever come across. As far as I am concerned, there are no other Realtors in our area. Wendy sets a precedence that no one else can match. I continue to recommend Wendy to all of my friends and business associates. My wife and I take pride in our experience with Wendy. Whenever we see a house with one of Wendy’s signs, we look at each other and say, “It’s Wendy”! In closing, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me. I will be happy to sing Wendy’s praises. Sincerely, Michael Eiser, Vice President Nations Bank

It was recently my pleasure to engage Wendy Rulnick for the marketing and subsequent sale of my waterfront property in Mary Esther, Florida. Wendy proved to be dedicated and skillful in bringing to a close the sale of my lot.

The lot had been marketed several other times over the past eight years, but not until Wendy came on the scene did we get responses that finally brought about the sale. I had prior business with Realtors who either didn't know the market in this area or simply didn't get out there and advertise as was necessary. In addition, the sale was further complicated by the presence of wetlands. Wendy's expertise on this subject convinced the prospective buyers that the property in fact could be permitted and had adequate uplands for driveway and home site. When we had an offer on the table and two other more lucrative offers came in, Wendy handled the situation to my best advantage, while keeping peace among the other parties.

The overall experience left me with a sense of high professional admiration for the work Wendy does in her business. I recommend her without reservation to anyone who needs real estate services in the Destin/Ft. Walton Beach area.
Raymond Campbell

Dear Wendy: Thank you for the great help you have given me with the sale of my house. From the first time we spoke you took the time to listen to what I wanted and helped me to realize those wishes. Although selling a house can be a traumatic venture you were able to help keep the process under control and also ease my mind. During this time you and your staff actually made the process enjoyable and extremely easy.

Although I have only bought and sold 3 homes, in that time I have had the chance to meet several realtors and it is truly amazing at the differences in capabilities and work styles that exist. From the number of realtors that I have dealt with, you are definitely at the top of the list and it was a pleasure meeting you and working with you.

Thank you for your help and guidance through the entire home selling process. It was truly a pleasure working with you.

Willaim Hopp, Niceville Florida

“Positive, tenacious attitude! Communications and humor at the right time!” Rudy Cegielski Fort Walton Beach FL

Wendy Rulnick
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